Accepting Jesus into your heart to become the Lord of your life is transformative.

You are never the same after that decision. For LGBT individuals, there can also be a process of becoming okay with who He made you to be. Here are a few stories about how God utilized PHOENIX MINISTRY during and after these encouraging processes. 

The first word that comes out of my mouth regarding the journey that I’ve been having with PHOENIX MINISTRY is “Wow!” It has been such an amazing ride.


I found PHOENIX MINISTRY at the coattails of reconciling my faith with who I am. By then, I was mostly convinced that God loved me with no stipulations and even more poignantly that he made me this way. So at that point, I wanted to focus more on growing my relationship with my God who loves me so much and created me with that love.


From the Bible studies and game nights to conferences and Christmas parties, PHOENIX MINISTRY has been a wonderful safe space in fostering my spiritual growth as well as providing the community I so desperately needed. 


After joining the leadership team in 2015, my role shifted from a standard member to a more active servant. I am truly thankful to God for giving me the opportunity! Growth comes from reading the Word, learning about God, and learning about your neighbors. But, the big growth spurts come through service when you apply what you learn and walk out what God has told you to do in obedience, patience, and humility, which include putting Him first and serving your neighbors. A lot of this, I learned and now try to apply in PHOENIX, and that is what Christianity is all about.


My goal for the ministry is for it to become a space where there is so much love within it that it bursts into the world and reaches everyone that needs it. God gave me big dreams for PHOENIX MINISTRY, and I am most excited to be on that journey with Him as He unfolds His plans for us in His perfect time.

I recently hit my one year anniversary with PHOENIX MINISTRY!
It has been an amazing year being part of he ministry and facilitating Bible Study. These are a few of
my favorite things…
Let’s be real… many bible studies I have been a part of in the past have been boring and had a sense of detachment to them. What I love about PHOENIX is that our studies are creative, interactive and relatable. We learn about God in engaging ways and where we can apply what we learn to our personal lives.  I also love how people are encouraged to share their perspectives and experiences so that we are able to learn from each other. 
PHOENIX MINISTRY wants to value all of who God has made you to be. As a transman of color, I have felt embraced and supported. My needs around feeling safe were sought out and respected. Because PHOENIX has created and fostered a safe and inclusive environment, I can learn about and connect with God in this space without any fear of being rejected or judged for who I am.  
This year, I look forward to the widening of our tent and continuing to be a witness of God’s radically inclusive love. I also look forward to deepening my relationships with the wonderful friends I have made through PHOENIX MINISTRY.
Hello! I’m Nathan. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Torrance, CA. I was referred to PHOENIX MINISTRY by a friend on Facebook.


My experience has been very nice at PHOENIX MINISTRY, getting the opportunity to hang out with generous, fun-loving people that share similar beliefs. I have enjoyed every single Bible Study that I have ever attended. The fun events that we often engage in have been a great experience to meet new friends and create close relationships with people that live close to me. The atmosphere of these events have even helped me get closer to God.


The type of studies I enjoy most deal with articulating and understanding homosexuality, and even “love” itself, in all its forms, especially in the context of being LGBT and Christian. The studies are very interesting and informative, and therefore, I am always learning new things.

I very much enjoy the fellowship time we have following every study. We usually go out to dinner (always having fun conversation), and then end the evening with “Games Night” at a members home. It is always such a blast.


Having a safe and fun medium to interact with your peers and with God is what makes this a great Bible study group and organization, in general. I love every aspect of PHOENIX MINISTRY.